Open PhD and postdoc positions will be listed here. We aim to have an interdisciplinary team, welcoming members with for example (molecular) biology, biochemistry and (bio)physics backgrounds. Most importantly, you have a fascination for complex and dynamic cellular behavior, you like the idea of working in an interdisciplinary team, and you are not afraid to combine working with mammalian cells with quantitative techniques and data analysis.

Information here could be out of date, so feel free to check in (see contact information) about current opportunities even if no projects are listed. Send a note and explain your background and why you are interested in joining the lab. For postdocs, it is best to do this well in advance, such that we can identify funding opportunities that secure long-term funding.

Interested in joining for a Msc project? We always have a variety of exciting projects available. If you are at the WUR, you can email mscthesis.cbi[at] mentioning your interest in joining us. They can also give you an impression of possible projects in my lab and more broadly at CBI (also see the CBI education page). If you prefer, you can also reach out to me directly (see contact information).