Daan Vorselen

Daan studied Biology at Leiden University and Physics of Life at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, where he stayed for his PhD in biophysics. He then joined Julie Theriot’s lab at Stanford University and University of Washington for a post doc. After performing research at the molecular (VU) and population level (MIT), it was there that he found the cellular scale is most fascinating (at least to him). He joined Wageningen University as a tenure track assistant professor in August 2022. He’s fascinated by trying to understand the fundamental rules underlying cell behavior, a proponent of interdisciplinary, fundamental and open science, and enjoys essentially any outdoor activity in his spare time.

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Youri Peeters

PhD student focusing on shapes, forces and novel molecules in phagocytosis.


Cresci-Anne Croes

PhD student, focusing on the role of RAGE in macrophages, joined with Gosia Teodorowicz and Huub Savelkoul


MSc students

Niels van Ingen

Prasith Prakash


Natalia Rzepka, MSc thesis student Biotechnology

Yakun Wan, MSc thesis student Biotechnology

Anne Josten, MSc thesis student Biotechnology

Niek Frijlink, MSc thesis student Biotechnology

Stijn Hanssen, MSc thesis student Biotechnology

Key collaborators

Dr. Yifan Wang & Prof. Wei Cai at Stanford University

Elasticity theory, MP-TFM technology

Prof. Mira Krendel at SUNY Upstate Medical University

Phagocytosis, myosins

Prof. Morgan Huse at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (NY)

T cell mechanobiology

Prof. Michael Bassik at Stanford University &
Dr. Roarke Kamber at UCSF

Cripsr screening, regulation of immune functions